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 biggest enemy

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PostSubject: biggest enemy   biggest enemy EmptySat Dec 15, 2007 7:53 pm

biggest enemy is , yourselves

those who go out on their own , in ur guild , and start shit for no reason

most of it started by xao respondin badly to a friendly warning by some one who had been listening to 2m mods.

this perosn noticed die in PW , and decided to relay some information to be nice.
\although this person doesnt play 2m anymore , they had heard from both former and current head mods , and gm's , that they have about half of die's current roster on watch for exploits , such as depatching and using both argate bugs , and selling cash shop stuff

they were warned , out of kindness , no harsh words were exchanged , and then xao started calling this person all kinds of names , and said they were full of shit. then xao then went to harass other people in the same guild , who were mod's and gm in 2m , and calling them names aqnd such for no reason.

all that was said was , that there was a wipe coming , because of what alot of DIE members are doing. no specific accusations were made toward anyone in particular in die , jsut a friendly warning is all , but xao got all anal and flipped out.

i personally could care less for pvp pk or whatever , but i will respond to it , in the same way others choose to act towards me.

ps. only reason no names were given , of the vgm gm mods who have them on a 'list' so to speak , is because these same vgm know who the person giving the warning is , and they also have chars in 2m. so they were only lookin out for themselves also
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PostSubject: Re: biggest enemy   biggest enemy EmptySun Dec 16, 2007 10:52 am

Well they have been banning ppl and all DiE remains.

So whats up with that ?

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biggest enemy
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